Luxury two Fendirumi, Piro-chan & Bug-kun, come to Europe!

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You are fan of gris-gris or other bag charms which never leave your accessories, you need to know that the two Fendi mascots, Piro-Chan and Bug-Kun are now within easy reach …, if you are with deep pockets!

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Created to pay homage to Japan’s Kigurumi pop figures, a kind of sleep suits for adults and celebrate Fendi’s biggest pop-up store in Tokyo last November, both Fendirumi are the must-haves accessories, fighting over by thousand Fendi-addicts in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Entierly handmade in Italy, these two Fendirumi attended guest at the Italian brand’s fall show yesterday in Milan. The pink Piro-chan is inspired by the Qutweet Fendi collection. It has a very precious pink and acqua mink dress with a blue kiddasia crest. Piro-Chan has shiny crystal eyes and the Fendi blue logo on its stomach. As for its masculin version, the blue Bug-kun dresses in blue mink with a yellow kiddasia crest. Bug-kun has an addition of a fox blue hair touch and the FF yellow logo on his stomach.

FENDIRUMI - Piro-chan
Both bag charms are available since yesterday in exclusively on the Fendi eshop, in a limited edition of 80 pieces and priced each $1,500, and will then be carried by Fendi boutiques globally starting in July.

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